Dog Food Secrets Review – The Shocking Truth

When you grow up in an extended family that includes multiple doctors, a fair few nurses and nutrition and science professors you can be sure that health and nutrition were often topics of conversation, both at family get togethers and round the dinner table.

That interest has translated into a care for the health, kitten nutrition food and longevity of dogs; I’ve always had at least one dog around from as long as I can remember. In fact my first memory isn’t of a family member; it was of choosing the dog I wanted to take home from the rescue centre. She lived a good life and died 12 years later at the very ripe old age of 15. So I was extremely interested to hear what Andrew Lewis appeared to be saying about the effects of most commercial dog foods, especially seeing as I’d done a lot of research into maximizing dog health.

The first thing that I found out that shocked me a little was that often dogs will be regarded as almost elderly at the very young age of 5! Why? Well, my independent research showed that the cause was simply their diet. Many, many dogs have dietary needs that are unknown and so ignored by their well meaning owners; dietary needs (not wants but NEEDS) that most commercial german sheperd in malaysia or dog foods just don’t meet.

I was shocked when vets and dog nutritionists told me that everyday commercial dog food didn’t have appropriate levels of minerals, vitamins, fats and proteins. I was even more flabbergasted when they told me what most commercial dog foods did contain in abundance: additives, preservatives, junk “filler”, heavy metals, slaughterhouse waste, herbicides, pesticides, toxic materials(!!!) and other, even worse and potentially very harmful substances.

It would be way too simple to say that all commercial dog food is bad. But I have to be honest and tell you that a hell of a lot of it is a hazard to your dog living to a ripe old age and is just unhealthy.

So that was where I was at when I read Dog Secrets by Andrew Lewis. I wanted to see if he could provide any further insights, maybe even a few solutions and reveal stuff that I missed in my research. What I read was enough to make me vomit! Literally! I love dogs, even the annoying little yappy ones who wear coats in the summer. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read what Andrew revealed.

The commercial dog food industry is even more appalling than I had ever feared to believe. Andrew Lewis gives a very detailed look into what is in your dog’s food and even more importantly lets you know how you can discover what it is you are feeding your dog from the list of “ingredients” on the back and the dog food blurb on the packaging.

Andrew explains how instead of making you dog healthier and live longer when you feed them you are probably cutting short their life expectancy with every mealtime. The sad and infuriating truth is that you are slowly killing your dog every day, with every meal. The good news is that he tells you what your dog needs to eat to live a long, healthy life and counteract the junk that you’ve unwittingly been feeding them.

I found myself making frequent notes, frantically writing down point after point as I realised that I could easily make sure that I could double the life expectancy of my dogs. I learnt about healthy alternatives and why they worked.

When you consider that only a little while ago a rottweiler dog food recall caused over 100 brands of dog food to be removed from shelves in stores then you know that this is “must have” information. There have been over 8000 reported cases of serious problems due to the commercial crap, sorry “food”, which we are feeding our dogs daily… and the key word is reported- many vets and scientists just don’t want to anger the dog food companies.

Dogs around the country are suffering from renal and kidney failure at the very moment you are reading this as a direct result of dog food containing a chemical that is used in making fertilizers, plastics as well as rat poison. That’s happening. Right now. Here. In our country! That is shocking, that is appalling. I will NOT let that happen to my dogs.