Improve your marketing technique using this 11 powerful SEO tactics and using best converting Shopify Theme

Convert your online store using best converting shopify theme for the best result in addition of SEO Tactic

In this global era, everyone are depending their business on online marketing. The soul of online marketing, search engine are continously improved and evolve for better searching experience. This lead into competitiveness of the marketers and cause them to improve to skills to keep up. One of the best way to improve the marketer skills and gains follower are using SEO. SEO are also cost 61 percent less than other way to gain followers and visitor. SEO is also viable choice because it provide better return on investment up to 14.6 percent while other way such as direct mail or print advertising only has 1.7 percent close rate. You might need best converting shopify theme   to help you build the best SEO tactics and increase your traffic on your online store. Therefore, today, I will provide you Powerful SEO tactic to keep your online store at the top selling online store.

  1. Create powerful contents that attract for visit

Powerful contents is the best way to attract visitor no matter the changes on search engine algorithms. The goals of powerful contents are creating incredible content that people will want to share and earn links. Otherwise, if you are building online store, you might need to improve your product and make sure that the explanations is interesting.

  1. Get co-citation links

You may have a lot of competitors, however everytime a search engine find your competitor website, they will tell the audience that your company are haviung related niche. To improve your co-citation link you should find “top 10” publisher on the internet and ask that your company be added to the list. This way, you will be able to improve your co-citation links

  1. Provide editorial link and mentioning your company

This is the easiest way to ensure that the audience are redirected from other website into your website. The best way to do that is creating outstanding content on other publication so the reader will want to share with their reader.

  1. Helping publishers to fix broken links

Another way to improve your SEO is by helping publishers fix broken links, make sure that you are finding broken links on a site that relevant to your niche

  1. Improve link reclamation

Using link reclamation to get fresh links by finding broken links then fix them.

  1. Using link outreach technique

The oldest way of SEO, simply find website that relevant to yours and get their contact information and ask them for links.

  1. Analysing competitor and provide backlinks

You will need to analize your competitor and provide backlinks, this way your competitor will do the same and you will be mentioned on the links.

  1. Focusing on Return on investment rather than keyword ranking on search engine
  2. Create an SEO Strategy according to the audience
  3. Optimize for other search engine such as yahoo, bing and other search engine
  4. Using Mobile SEO

So, what are you waiting for? Use this powerful SEO strategy to brand a boost in the search engine and improve your Sales today!